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Intelligence In Software is an editorially independent online resource that covers the latest in software technologies, tools and best practices that enterprise decision-makers need to know about. The program addresses both software developers and IT managers, helping them adopt more efficient practices, reduce complexity and get a forward-thinking view of where the industry is going.

Editorial Team


  • Rich Seidner is the managing editor of Intelligence in Software. A California-based journalist with more than 25 years' experience, he has served as managing editor of technology publication AlwaysOn, principal at Silicon Valley Virtual Inc. and senior software developer at IBM. He has interviewed and written about some of the major technology innovators, including Vinton Cerf (co-inventor of the Internet), Robert Metcalfe (Ethernet inventor) and Michael Robertson (MP3.com founder).
  • Natalia Macrynikola is an associate editor at Studio One Networks. She has worked on a variety of editorial programs, ensuring quality in content and style.


  • Tom Dunlap is an award-winning technology writer, editor, blogger and book author (How To Do Everything With Your Sony VAIO) who's worked in newspapers, magazines and the Web. He writes and edits for DevX, Datamation, SharePointBriefing and Intranet Journal. As CNET's notebook guru, he dramatically increased site traffic and won an award for outstanding achievement in improving CNET Networks.
  • Denise Culver is a research analyst with 20 years of editorial experience, and a winner of the American Business Media Association's Jesse H. Neal Award for editorial achievement. She has served as markets editor at The Net Economy and has contributed to Interactive Week, Wireless Review and other technology and trade magazines.
  • Tim Kridel is an independent analyst at Kridel & Associates who has written, blogged and tweeted about technology since 1998. He has been quoted in Chicago Tribune, Federal Computer, Mobile Communications and Network World, among other publications.
  • Nina Davis is a business technology consultant who has written and edited for high-tech clients for more than 15 years. She was an editor at Red Herring magazine during the mid-'90s, and she later edited the business best-seller The Internet Bubble: Inside the Overvalued World of High-Tech Stocks -- And What You Need to Know to Avoid the Coming Shakeout.


StudioOne does not mention the name or specific products of a given sponsor, although that sponsor’s product categories may be mentioned if they are relevant within editorial context. 

Unless indicated, content contributors are not employed by or on retainer by the program’s sponsor. If a contributor is employed by or on retainer by the program’s sponsor, we agree to disclose this relationship in the biographical note on the page where that contributor appears. 

In a StudioOne program, you will see that some of our content, tools and links are labeled “From Our Sponsor”. This non-editorial content has not been reviewed by our editorial staff and is not subject to this editorial policy. 

In such case that content be used on a sponsor’s Web site, it is done so with StudioOne permission.

About StudioOne

StudioOne is a privately owned media company that works with nationally known subject matter experts and top editors to create high-quality independent editorial content supported by corporate sponsors and syndicated across a variety of leading multimedia platforms. 

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